Srixon ZX5 LS MK II Driver

Srixon ZX5 LS MK II Driver


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A TRANSFER OF POWERGet more power where it counts—at impact. A stronger Rebound Frame design with dual flex zones delivers purer energy transfer from club face through the ball, enhancing distance on every shot. And it’s only available on new ZX Mk II Woods.The ZX5 LS Mk II Driver uses a forward-placed sole weight to reduce long-game spin—perfect for players with aggressive swing speeds. ZX5 LS Mk II features the same large footprint and flattened shape as ZX5 Mk II, along with its adjustable hosel sleeve for dialing face angle and loft.FeaturesREBOUND FRAMEMost Drivers have one flex zone. Rebound Frame has two. Like a spring within a spring, Rebound Frame elevates COR across the face for increased ball speed. And that extra ball speed leads to more distance off the tee.DUAL FLEX ZONES Here’s how it works: Like any modern Driver, the speed of ZX Mk II starts with a flexible face—and our Driver face is especially fast thanks to its advanced Ti51AF Titanium alloy construction. The similarities end there, though, because Rebound Frame adds a second flexible zone, a ring of thin titanium in the body of the Driver. When these two zones flex simultaneously at impact, then snap back into shape, their compounded energy transfer is far more powerful than single-flex designs.ADJUSTABILITYThe ZX5 LS Mk II comes equipped with one 8g sole weight placed forward in the head that keeps spin low and distance high. An adjustable hosel also provides the opportunity to perfect your preferred loft, lie, and face angle.STAR FRAME CROWN A complex series of ridges and latticework provides the structural integrity necessary to feature a remarkably thin titanium crown. This new, ultralight design gives us the freedom to place discretionary mass where it best suits each ZX Mk II Driver’s ideal launch and spin characteristics.VARIABLE THICKNESS FACE An intricate thickness pattern—hidden on the backside of our Ti51AF Driver faces—expands high COR areas from heel to toe by improving how energy reflects into the ball on off-center shots. It’s adding ball speed for even more distance off the tee.MODEL COMPARISONLOW SPINMade for very aggressive swings. A larger footprint with forward weighting provides low spin and a high degree of forgiveness.MODELZX5 MKII DriverZX5 LS MKII DriverZX7 MKII DriverSpinMidLowestLowLaunchHighMid-HighMidForgivenessHighMid-HighMidFlight BiasStraight-DrawStraightStraight-FadeWorkabilityLowLow-MidMid-HighWeight AdjustmentSW (Rear Weight)SW (Front Weight)Flight (Heel/Toe Weight)SpecificationsLOFTHANDLIEVOLUMELENGTHSWING WEIGHTCLUB WEIGHT8.5°RH58.5°460cc45.25″D3(R,S), D4(X)314g(S), 324g(X)9.5°RH58.5°460cc45.25″D3(R,S), D4(X)314g(S), 324g(X)10.5°RH58.5°460cc45.25″D3(R,S)314g(S)PROJECT X HZRDUS BLACK GEN 4 70/60The new Project X HZRDUS Black features a low-trajectory, low-spin design for better players with aggressive swing tempos. It features an ultra-stiff midsection along with a stiff tip section to provide the low launch and low spin required to keep up with your aggressive swing.FLEXWEIGHTTORQUETIP DIAMETERBUTT DIAMETERLAUNCHSPINX (6.5)71g3.1°.335″.640″LowLowS (6.0)62g3.3°.335″.640″LowLowR (5.5)62g3.8°.335″.640″LowLowGOLF PRIDE TOUR VELVET 360Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips have been the #1 choice of the world’s best for years. Our 360 version has less intrusive logos along with a state-of-the-art rubber-blend compound and a nonslip surface pattern for maximum playability.SIZECOREWEIGHTStandard.580″52g

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