Cabeau Evolution Micro Jr. Doodle Travel Pillows

Cabeau Evolution Micro Jr. Doodle Travel Pillows


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We’ve all seen it, those often not so subtle head-flops and bobble-wobbles of a child trying to fall asleep. Nowadays, children are traveling just as much as their parents and car seats, strollers, even conventional pillows have yet to solve this ongoing problem. While numerous products claim to work, it seems their focusis on being cute rather than being functional. Nothing has been created to actually prevent a child’s head from falling both sideways and forward, until…The Evolution Micro Jr™ is the first children’s travel pillow to ensure complete head support and comfort while traveling. Months of rigorous design and safety testing went into the creation of the patented Evolution Micro Jr™ pillow.The Evolution Micro Jr™ has multiple unique and extraordinary features to ensure your child doesn’t become a living, breathing bobble-head while traveling. Certified Superior Grade Odor-Free MicrobeadsInstantly respond and shape-shift to any head movement. The Evolution Micro Jr™ is abundantly filled with millions of premium microbeads to provide ultimate comfort and conform to your child’s favorite head and neck sleeping positions.Raised Side SupportsPrevents your child’s head from falling sideways and does not require the sides of a car seat or stroller to help keep it in place. If your child’s head tends to fall forward, spin the Evolution Micro Jr™ around backwards and your child has a chin rest with full frontal support.Safe Release Front ClosureKeeps the pillow in place to provide and maintain 360° support. With a minimal amount of pressure, the hook-and-loop system immediately disengages with ease.Styles for Boys and GirlsThe “Doodle” print (accented in black) is a bright and colorful garden landscape with flowers, bees, and butterflies. The “Rocket” print (accented in black) depicts an outer-space delight with spaceships, astronauts, and stars.

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