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Discount XXIO X Black Fairway Wood Online

XXIO X Black Fairway Wood

XXIO X Black Fairway Wood

Dunlop's Flying TechnologyDunlop's flying technology on the XXIO golf club goes beyond improving the resilience performance of more

Dunlop's Flying TechnologyDunlop's flying technology on the XXIO golf club goes beyond improving the resilience performance of the head. In order to realize a unique “how to fly” that maximizes the power of golfers, in recent years it has evolved through research and development into the swing area, but this 11th generation model focused on “ Top of swing. The newly developed "WEIGHT PLUS" technology, a unique technology, realize the ideal top "flying power position" where the cock accumulates deeply and stably. Enable faster and more accurate impact.Weight Plus Technology ( “Silicon Rubber Bush” is not installed on Fairway Wood and Hybrid because the grip end is heavy. )"The WEIGHT PLUS (weight plus) technology, to concentrate the weight in hand of the golf club, is possible to reduce the force to support the head at the time of take-back, is the technology to create the ideal top positions. 11th generation of" XXIO '' In the fairway wood and hybrid, the weight of the shaft is lighter than the conventional model, and this weight is collected at the butt end of the grip rubber part, applying the lever principle, the cock accumulates from the start of the swing and is determined to be a deep and stable top To induce a backswing.Canon SoleUltra-thin design around the face, “CANNON SOLE” flexes the sole, realizing a gentle and large flight distance. Fairway Wood has extended the joint of the cup face by 2 mm and expanded the thin design part by 132% compared to the previous model, thereby increasing the flexural width of the sole and improving the resilience performance. In the hybrid, the former is extended by 4 mm, and the latter is expanded to 267% compared to the conventional model so that the lower part of the sole is flexed and the high repulsion area is expanded.Low Center of GravityLow center of gravity design that matches the center of gravity of the golfer's hitting point distribution. In Fairway Wood, the head shape is made shallow back and the crown is made thinner, and the center of gravity is lowered to match the hitting point distribution of the target golfer. In the hybrid, the round shape of the sole surface is flattened to the same level as iron, and the sole area is expanded to achieve a low center of gravity design.SpecificationsWOOD3W4W5W7WLOFT15°16.5°18°20°LIE ANGLE58°58.5°59°59.5°HEAD VOLUME192cc178cc168cc152ccCLUB LENGTH43.0"42.5"32.0"31.5"SWING WEIGHTD1(S), D1(SR), D0(R)CLUB WEIGHT(S)305g308g312g317g


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