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Discount Ernest Sports ES12 Golf Launch Monitor Online

Ernest Sports ES12 Golf Launch Monitor

Ernest Sports ES12 Golf Launch Monitor

Ernest Sports ES12 Digital Golf Assistant & Portable Golf Launch Monitor The Ernest Sports ES12 Digital Golf Assistant is a more

Ernest Sports ES12 Digital Golf Assistant & Portable Golf Launch Monitor The Ernest Sports ES12 Digital Golf Assistant is a portable golf launch monitor that provides for an enjoyable and informative golf experience. Combined with the Ernest Sports app, the ES12 is great for golfers of all levels of expertise. The ES12 is a portable launch monitor that provides for an enjoyable and informative golf experience. Combined with the Ernest Sports app, the ES12 is great for golfers of all levels of expertise. From junior golfers to scratch golfers, this system incorporates technique with enjoyment, bringing new life to your golf game. This complete package includes Range Data, Scorecard, Video Analysis, Bluetooth Audible Feedback and much more. The smartphone app connects directly with your ES12 device via Bluetooth, giving you the ability to track and analyze your practice sessions. Once you hit a ball, the speed and distance are displayed on the LCD screen of the ES12 while the information is also displayed and stored on your smartphone. Features Include: Logs up to 2,000 shots Records club use, distance and speed of ball Provides instant audible feedback ñ through speaker or hands-free/Bluetooth earpiece Analyzes performance data by shot or club A great day on the golf course is even better when you can share it with others! The ES12's integrated scorecard function allows the user to log their scorecard in real time, save it for future comparison, and even share it on Facebook, Twitter, and by email with your family and friends. Features Include: Digital scorecard Social media sharing capabilities Ability to track strokes, putts, fairways hit and greens in regulation (GIR)     The age old question: How do I know what club to use, and when? Now you can access your own data that will give you the insight needed for optimal club selection. The Course Caddy gives you the ability to input the distance you need to hit your ball. By pulling all of your logged range sessions, the ES12 will make a club recommendation based on your past performance with each club.     Analyze and improve your swing plane with the video analysis. Use different colored lines to highlight and view your stance, arm extension, shoulder turn, head placement and more! The ES12 smartphone app leverages your phone's video camera capabilities, allowing you to capture your swing for frame-by-frame analysis. Features Include: Recall video from your camera roll for analysis Different line colors for analytical drawings Save analysis for review and comparison Share through social media Compare single or compare side-by-side videos   Having the latest information about the weather on the golf course is critical to peak performance. The ES12 smartphone app has an integrated weather function to make knowing the latest forecast as convenient as possible. Simply input your zip code and view your local weather, including a radar image of the surrounding area. Know your weather, before it hits.       What was happening when you hit that perfect (or not-so-perfect) shot? Did you have good shoulder position? Were you feeling kind of tight? Did you do something differently in your stance that improved your drive? Take note! Never again forget about those small things that happen before, during or after your round.       Color: Black case with blue protective boot Dimensions : 5.3″(h) x 3.0″(w) x 1.6″(d) Weight: ~10oz Power: Standard 9V Battery (2 included); Duracell preferred (Approximately 17 hours of use) Display: .67(h)” x 1.7(w)” Operating Temperature: 25∞ ñ 120∞ F External Components A. LCD Display B. Kickstand C. Power Button D. Club Selection Button E. Blue Protective Boot   Frequently Asked Questions What does the ES12 track? The ES12 tracks distance. The ES12 will measure the ball speed after impact and calculate the distance the ball will travel. Does the ES12 measure swing speed or ball speed? The ES12 measures ball speed after impact. What is the warranty on the ES12? The†warranty†for the ES12 is 90 days. Does the ES12 convert measurements to metric? Yes, you will be able to program your ES12 and the smartphone to measurement in yards or meters. Where can I find the user manual? The user manual can be found on the ES12 product page of our website. How is the ES12’s data stored and retrieved? The information from practice sessions is stored on the ES12 smartphone app under “Range Session > Historical Data” What is the battery life? The ES12 is powered by a standard 9V battery (includes 2 ñ Duracell preferred). The standard life of a 9V battery in this device is about 16 hours. How does the ES12 work? The ES12 incorporates Doppler radar technology. Once the ball passes through the radar field, the pulses are read and converted into MPH. In what capacity can the ES12 be used? The ES12 is portable, lightweight and can be used both indoors and outdoors, to determine average distances shot with each club and the yardage gap between different clubs hit, and maximize ball choice by seeing the yardage difference between hitting different types of balls. Why are some of my shots not reading? If the shot is hit thin, this will cause the ball to go under the radar area, causing the device to not read the shot. For best results, also check to make sure you are positioning your ball within the suggested area in relation to the ES12 device. What is the accuracy in comparison to the Bushnell? The ES12 is very accurate in comparison with the Bushnell. Please see statistical comparison charts (coming soon). Does the ES12 run on continuous use, or is there a hibernate mode? If the ES12 remains idle for 8 minutes, it will automatically power off. Your data will be stored and saved on your smartphone application. Can I purchase bulk quantities for resale? For all information on resale/wholesale prices, guidelines and application please contact us at Smartphone App How much is the smartphone app? The smartphone app is free with purchase of the ES12. Which Apple products is the app compatible with? The app will be fully functional on the following devises: iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 4th Generation. Other devices may have limited functionality. Can the ES12 store information for multiple users? Each practice session will be named and dated. In the instance where you have multiple users (most likely for teaching professionals during lessons), each lesson would be named on a per person basis. Do you have to use an ear piece to hear feedback from the device? The instant audible feedback can be heard through a Bluetooth ear piece (A2DP), ear buds and/or your device’s speakers. Is there a certain Bluetooth ear piece that needs to be used? The ear piece needs to be A2DP. Most new Bluetooth ear pieces are A2DP compatible. Where do I find the code to activate my ES12? The activation code can be found in 2 different spots: On the activation card included in the box of the ES12 and on the back information label of the device. What features are available to iPad users? At this time, the app is functional with all aspects of the app excluding the video analysis. What does “GIR” mean? GIR or ‘Green in Regulation’ is when you land on the green within 2 strokes under par. A par 3 hole allows 1 stroke to reach the green. Is there an Android app available for the ES12? Yes, there will be an app available on the Android Market


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