Cobra King Forged TEC Copper Irons (7pcs)

Cobra King Forged TEC Copper Irons (7pcs)


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The KING Tour Copper irons utilize Metal Injection Molding (MIM) Technology to deliver the soft feel of a forging with a quicker and more efficient manufacturing method. This revolutionary process allows us to produce the most precise iron shape with the softest feel.FeaturesKING RF FORGED MBKING TOURKING FORGED TECHANDICAP0-30-95-15SHAPEMost Compact MB ShapeCompact CB ShapeTraditional Hollow ShapeCONSTRUCTION5-Step ForgedMetal Injection Molded (MIM)Cast Body & Forged PWRSHELL FaceOFFSETNo OffsetMinimal OffsetSlightly More OffsetSOLE WIDTHMost Narrow Sole WidthMinimal OffsetSlightly More OffsetLAUNCHMid-Low LaunchMid-LaunchMid-High LaunchPERFORMANCETour Caliber Forged Irons Designed For Precision & ControlSoft Feel With Shot Making PrecisionDistance & Forgiveness With PrecisionSpecificationsModelLoftLieOffsetCONNECT LengthLengthGraphite Swing WeightSteel Swing WeightRH/LH319.0°60.5°439.50″39.25″C9D2RH/LH421.0°61.5°3.839.00″38.75″C9D2RH/LH523.0°62.0°3.638.50″38.25″C9D2RH/LH626.0°62.5°3.338.00″37.75″C9D2RH/LH729.5°63.0°337.50″37.25″C9D2RH/LH834.0°63.5°2.637.00″36.75″C9D2RH/LH939.0°64.0°2.236.50″36.25″C9D2RH/LHPW44.0°64.5°1.836.25″36.00″D0D3RH/LHGW49.0°64.5°1.436.00″35.75″D0D3RH/LH

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